4 Tips to Increase Your Rates of Donor Retention

Retaining donor support is essential to the successful future of any charity or non-profit. It is one thing to gain initial support, but wholly another to retain that support and encourage regular donations.

Here are four tips to increase your rates of donor retention:

  1. Keep it personal. Understand your donors’ interests by carrying out surveys to know exactly how they interact with your cause.
  2. Separate your list. This way you can make communication more personal and appeal directly to donors’ interests. Good CRM systems will allow you to separate your list by location and donor level.
  3. Say thanks and maintain contact. It’s not enough to send out automated emails anymore. Instead, send a personalised thank you message detailing how their donation will help the cause and keep the donor informed of its impact. Charity: water makes the effort to ring their supporters on their birthdays.
  4. Encourage donors to ascend the ladder. Use data to know exactly how much and how often your donors are giving. If they are giving four times a year, it might be worth considering making them a monthly donor.

How to Maintain Relationships with Donors:

1. Give Updates on How Donations Are Spent

Donors want to know where their money is going. You can and should share this information in a variety of ways to reach as many donors as possible.
Here are a few ideas:

  • Put specifics as to how donations are being spent in an email blast
  • Post donation details on Facebook and Twitter
  • Update relevant information on your website
  • Post on your blog
  • Send a personalized email directly from a staff member saying what a donation has enabled your organization to do

The key here is to get specific. Make sure donors know the impact a specific amount of money can have in your community.

Sharing specifics can be hugely beneficial to your nonprofit as you strive to develop relationships with your donors.

Ask Your Donors Questions

Asking questions of donors is well suited for social media since it’s entirely up to your followers to decide if they’d like to respond with feedback. Social media can also be less invasive than sending an email. Some donors will value the opportunity to give their feedback. Your willingness to reach out and implement suggestions can help to make donors feel more connected to your organization on an ongoing basis. If you do ask for feedback, it’s important to follow up with donors once a decision has been made. Let your donors know that you’re listening and you value their input enough to keep them informed.

Final word

You and your donors are changing the world. It’s up to you to make sure they not only know that, but also feel that on a regular basis.

With these how to’s and tips of mine, I hope that you guys are able to learn many things. Do keep learning!

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